Angel Mamas Stories

This program allows Angel moms to openly share their stories on various Tiny Hearts Remembered, Inc. platforms. Angel moms may submit a written story with a photo to with the subject title: Tiny Hearts Share or request an interview style (Zoom, FB Live, IG Live) option. Complete the form HERE to request an interview to share your story.


Jessica Romero shared  "I found out in April I was pregnant with my 3rd baby I was happy his siblings were happy, no issues what so ever I go to my autonomy scan and they couldn’t find the heartbeat I was 20 weeks an 3days. And it was a boy!! I was happy cause I had two girls at home. But god had other plans for him. He was born sleeping 8/12/22 at 9:21am he weighed 15oz an 10 1/2 inches long prefect little angel 👼. I had him cremated."






   I'm Amie Russell and Ava Kinsely Kramer is my daughter. I never fought so hard for anyone in my life like I did to save Ava. Ava's father Cory Kramer and I met at The end of January early February of 2015 shortly after that we found out we were pregnant with Ava. I was sick before I should have been sick bloodwork and urine at IVCH in Peru Illinois confirmed my pregnancy. I was constantly nauseated. The first time I met Cory's mother Lori my head was in the toilet and I was throwing up when she came by to drop something off at the house, she said she knew then I loved Ava because no matter how sick I was that day she could see the glow when I spoke of Ava. Unfortunately on June 19 2015 I went into premature labor at 19 weeks and 6 days and Ava Kinsley Kramer went home to be with our Lord and savior in heaven. The death and loss of Ava was a deferential moment in my life it sent me into a five year addiction of drugs and alcohol but over the last year with helps of support groups and pages like Tiny Hearts Remembered and The Tears Foundation specifically The Pennsylvania Chapter and The Washington Chapter; I've been able to learn how to grieve, heal and remember Ava in a healthy way not self destructive like I had been doing prior in the years that first followed her loss. Today i now run a Zoom only meeting on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 8pm called Ava's Legacy its a support group ran by other bereaved parents and myself letting others with their babies in heaven to know they aren't alone and it's ok to be mad and healing isn't giving up if I've learned anything healing has allowed me to grieve so that I can remember Ava even more. Cory Kramer and myself as Ava's parents are so thankful for organizations like yourself without you all I don't think I personally as her mother would have survived their where times I wanted to take my own life and you all saved me from that.



This is never how I imagined this day would go. That I would hide under the blankets a better part of the morning, listening to the rain and crying, and text my mom telling her how much this day sucks and wishing I could have a hug. Only to be up a few hours later to the monsters that I call my dogs wanting to play and fight (story of my life at 5:30 every day). When we lost Xavier & Colden I never realized how difficult this journey would be. Then less than a year later we lost Adleigh and I realized that this fight was going to cost me more than just my precious babies. It’s cost me my physical and emotional health, cost me thousands of $ that I’m still trying to figure out how we will ever afford. it’s killed relationships I’ve had for years, and it became who I identified myself as - someone who will always be an Angel mom. My sweet Xavier, Colden & Adleigh - you were loved from the first moment we learned you were a part of this crazy Foltz family. I carried you with so much pride & joy. I will forever miss your kicks during the night, the ridiculous cravings I had while pregnant, and the joy I felt while shopping in the baby section. You will forever and always be my babies and I will love you forever.




"I can’t wrap my mind around my baby being dead inside of me for almost 5 weeks and not even knowing. Not knowing I was rubbing a belly that didn’t exist."


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Check out this live interview we conducted before Christmas to learn more about her triplets story, how she is able to navigate through her journey, how she copes through the holidays, and more!
Thank you for sharing your story and Kensley will forever be remembered!



My Story begins with a diagnosis of Endometriosis in my mid 20s. I was told early on that it would be difficult to conceive, but I didn’t realize how difficult. The endometriosis eventually caused cyst to develop in the uterus and tubes. We would find out later that this condition also went on to affect the quality of my eggs overtime. I went on to have an early miscarriage in year 1 of my marriage and was diagnosed with low ovarian reserve months later. According to my Reproductive Endocrinologist I had a 1% chance of pregnancy which nearly broke me. However, despite the prognosis, after a failed IVF cycle we conceived naturally, yet miscarried two more times. The last miscarriage was actually far into the 2nd trimester and due to an incompetent cervix, we lost our baby girl.
This journey was one that literally tested my husband and I in every way possible. I found strength and weakness that I didn't know existed. My faith and confidence had to be completely restored. It was because of that restoration, my husband’s support, and a few great friends and family, I came out fighting and so transformed. My entire lifestyle and mindset shifted. I educated myself and became an expert on all things that disrupt hormones, ovulation and egg quality so that I could combat these issues. I learned techniques to bring more peace into my life and just as I accepted that it would happen in God’s timing, He blessed us with a rainbow baby that we were equipped to protect and deliver. Eight months after our daughter was born, we became pregnant again and delivered another healthy baby girl. I feel so blessed and undeserving of my precious two daughters. I learned the significance of how balancing a healthy mind, body and spirit could completely turn things around!
This journey birthed a calling on my life to coach others through this marathon of infertility. I get to gladly bear the burden of it all for other ladies and support them during the walk towards their babies. This was predestined for my life and could have been the very reason for it all! I urge you to not give up and be an advocate for yourself despite a given diagnosis. Sometimes our blessings come in very different packages, but if we believe it will come….and you may find joy in the journey!
-LaJoyce Kwakye of The Joy Journey LLC-