Bereaved Mother’s Day Card

Bereaved Mother’s Day Card

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Bereaved Mother's Day is the First Sunday in May and honors mothers who have lost a child or pregnancy. This day also recognizes women who cannot be a mother due to infertility or other health reasons. 

Sending a card during this holiday to a mother who has experienced loss will provide them the comfort they need along their healing journey. 

Front of Card:

Celebrating you on Bereaved Mother’s Day 

Once a mother, forever a mother 

Sending infinite hugs to embrace you on today 


Inside of Card: 

Your child felt every ounce of your love 

No matter how long they grew inside 

An eternal bond was formed with your angel baby 

That can never be denied 

Sending an anchor of support 

To navigate the emotional waves 

Remembering you as the mother you’ll always be 

Today, tomorrow and always 


Stacy Galloway 2022 Copyrights